Swan Song

This blog is dedicated to the passing of a dear friend of ours, Paul Knight. My heart is with his wife Annette and his family today and in the days to come. While thinking of how I might salute him, I came across this painting where Keith depicted the Valkyrie and the ancient Norns welcoming the heroes home. How surprised was I to see how much it looked like Keith and Paul. Alright, Keith is laughing at me once more! I meant due to the dark-haired bearded dude and the light-haired friend with him. But joking aside, they were dear friends on a joint spiritual path and there is no way that I can imagine that they are not now together. Keith would have been honoured to meet Paul and they would be having the best of times while he is showing him all about the new tasks ahead!

So what is Ascension? Why did Keith paint about it? What does it mean to each of us? These blogs are "The Gospel According To Keith", as you know, so I can tell you what Ascension meant to him. Keith belie…

...and Other Mythical Beasts (Dragons) - part lll

The Archangel Uriel is known in ancient texts as The Fire Of God. Who better to defeat the fiery dragon and rescue the vulnerable and enslaved? This was a large painting which could seem quite scary but this stunning depiction of Uriel is it's great message of hope! Keith saw that the war between man and the taming of his ego did not have to be fought alone. Higher realms always provides assistance if we are striving to evolve. 

August 2018 Exhibition

I love sharing this exhibition with you all. The love that Keith and his work generated throughout his lifetime is a pleasure to behold. You came. You shared your memories and stories with me. We laughed and we cried. It was such an amazing experience and you have all helped me through the first hurdle. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given. And the lovely paintings gave their light and energy right back to us. Thank you Keith for sharing your inspiration and your talent with St Ives and the world!

The Star Goddess Capella will not be on display again unless by permission of her new owners. She was one of four of Keith's latest paintings, finished in the summer of 2016. Capella is a star that is especially dear to Keith and me. It shone brightly through our bedroom window in our first rented flat. It appears as a single bright star but actually consists of two sets of binary stars. For Keith she was a "Twin Flame" star and represented a celestial guardia…

The Importance of Music

Keith always painted to music. In the early days when he had just a small studio upstairs in Lanhams Building he liked to listen to anything that Jon Anderson released, as well as Jon and Vangelis. He felt that Jon's words were so spiritual and matched his way of thinking. After we opened the gallery in 1990 we played ambient music to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Many of the musicians we featured were local to Cornwall and the UK such as Medwyn Goodall and Nigel Shaw. They were young, had a purpose with a message to share and produced cutting edge music for the time. The music that we surrounded ourselves with enhanced and complimented the paintings that Keith was producing.

Keith was a natural musician. He had played in a band from 1958 through the 1960's, often opening at The Cavern for the 1960's bands that we all now remember and love. His band was called The Strolling Bones and was offered the chance to go on tour but Keith made a life decision to conce…

Unicorns, Pegasus and other mythical beasts - part ll

The stunning image of Pegasus the flying horse has captured our imaginations since the days when Greek mythology began. There is something so free and noble about him. In the stories, Pegasus often uses his powers to rescue others. According to legend, Pegasus was the offspring of the sea god Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa. The white sea foam gave him his brilliant white colour.

Keith was always fascinated by the concept of a black hole. What if it divides us from another Universe?  What if it is ruled by Mother God? What if it is parallel to us but in negative relief? So many mysteries to explore! Keith asked all these questions. I like to think he is bounding through the Universe now gathering all his answers!!! And if he could command the Pegasus he would be flying free!

This painting, The Story of Semele, is a depiction from Handel's opera 'Semele'. Zeus loved the princess Semele and she, in fact, was the only mortal in Greek legend to give birth to one of Zeus' c…

Who are Freyja and Frey?


Keith - Some Life and Times

The hardworking fisherman was admired by Keith and often was the subject of his early paintings. He came from a working class family. His father was a painter but not of pictures. He worked for a firm that painted practical things. Keith was born in Ashton-Under-Lyne and was raised in Cheadle Hulme along with his older sister Joyce. (His niece Megan and her family live in and around neighbouring Stockport to this day.) When his Headmaster tried to convince his father to allow Keith to go to Art College, much to Keith's dismay the request was refused. "Get a trade, lad. It will never let you down." Keith was an avid footballer and played in goal. (He played football until his late 40's, after which he helped teach American youngsters soccer while living the winters in Florida. But I get ahead of myself!)

His father found him an apprenticeship with an electrical firm and Keith applied himself and learned the basics but was never very happy there. He made good friends,…