Unicorns, Pegasus and other mythical beasts - part ll

Parallel Dimensions
The stunning image of Pegasus the flying horse has captured our imaginations since the days when Greek mythology began. There is something so free and noble about him. In the stories, Pegasus often uses his powers to rescue others. According to legend, Pegasus was the offspring of the sea god Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa. The white sea foam gave him his brilliant white colour.

Illuminated Pathways
Keith was always fascinated by the concept of a black hole. What if it divides us from another Universe?  What if it is ruled by Mother God? What if it is parallel to us but in negative relief? So many mysteries to explore! Keith asked all these questions. I like to think he is bounding through the Universe now gathering all his answers!!! And if he could command the Pegasus he would be flying free!

The Story of Semele
This painting, The Story of Semele, is a depiction from Handel's opera 'Semele'. Zeus loved the princess Semele and she, in fact, was the only mortal in Greek legend to give birth to one of Zeus' children, Dionysus. In this story Hera was jealous and Zeus placed Semele onto the planet Jupiter to protect her. He also wanted her kept away from any other lovers. But Semele had a true love who was mortal like her. She was rescued and brought back to earth by a great Eagle.

Birth of Dionysus by George Platt Lynes

(Handel's version was kinder to Semele. In the actual Greek myth, jealous Hera convinced Semele to insist on seeing Zeus in his God form. When he showed her his true self she burst into flames. Zeus grabbed his son from the womb just in the nick of time and continued the pregnancy to term by placing the baby into his own thigh! ) 


The Centaur was mentioned in both Greek and Roman mythology... a being who was half man, half horse. Years ago Keith and I had a small meditation group who met in our home. One of the ladies who we taught to meditate was a very practical nurse. Keith told her to relax and enjoy the guided meditation and to believe anything that she might see. She wanted to meet her spirit guide but week after week went by with no luck. Finally Keith queried her about her experiences. She related that whenever the meditation made the suggestion that her guide might appear, this crazy Centaur kept getting in the way! Keith asked her to ask it what it was doing there and when she did, it said it was her guide! Sometimes the last thing that we expect is what occurs! Her Centaur was called Jacobus. Years later a customer commissioned a centaur painting and Keith drew on this experience to create it.

All Keith English paintings on this blog will be on sale as prints for £50, your postage paid within the UK until 31st August 2018.


  1. Does anybody know what happened to his painting The night before the morning after, it was my fave on the St Ives harbour?


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