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Inner Peace

Inner Vision I always said of any of Keith's paintings - new style, old style, sad or comical - all have a quality of transmitting inner peace. As you look at them and begin to relate you can feel your frazzled nerves unravel and the essence of peace take hold. Even in the most frantic August summer day in St Ives (you who have been here in the height of the St Ives season know what I mean!) the Gallery was always an ocean of calm. When we brought our paintings and prints into our own home and onto our walls we noticed a marked difference in the energies and only wished that we had done so sooner. In the early days we had felt that each painting or print in our own home was a painting or print not shared, so for the first few years of the Gallery our own walls were bare! Our own little family benefited greatly when we brought them into our living environment and enjoyed their gift of calm.  From that day our hectic family of 6 with two working parents and a few teenagers thro