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August 2018 Exhibition

I love sharing this exhibition with you all. The love that Keith and his work generated throughout his lifetime is a pleasure to behold. You came. You shared your memories and stories with me. We laughed and we cried. It was such an amazing experience and you have all helped me through the first hurdle. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given. And the lovely paintings gave their light and energy right back to us. Thank you Keith for sharing your inspiration and your talent with St Ives and the world! The Star Goddess Capella The Star Goddess Capella will not be on display again unless by permission of her new owners. She was one of four of Keith's latest paintings, finished in the summer of 2016. Capella is a star that is especially dear to Keith and me. It shone brightly through our bedroom window in our first rented flat. It appears as a single bright star but actually consists of two sets of binary stars. For Keith she was a "Twin Flame"

The Importance of Music

Earth Song Keith always painted to music. In the early days when he had just a small studio upstairs in Lanhams Building he liked to listen to anything that Jon Anderson released, as well as Jon and Vangelis. He felt that Jon's words were so spiritual and matched his way of thinking. After we opened the gallery in 1990 we played ambient music to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Many of the musicians we featured were local to Cornwall and the UK such as Medwyn Goodall and Nigel Shaw. They were young, had a purpose with a message to share and produced cutting edge music for the time. The music that we surrounded ourselves with enhanced and complimented the paintings that Keith was producing. Keith is on the far right playing the harmonica in The Cavern Keith was a natural musician. He had played in a band from 1958 through the 1960's, often opening at The Cavern for the 1960's bands that we all now remember and love. His band was called The Strolling Bo