August 2018 Exhibition

I love sharing this exhibition with you all. The love that Keith and his work generated throughout his lifetime is a pleasure to behold. You came. You shared your memories and stories with me. We laughed and we cried. It was such an amazing experience and you have all helped me through the first hurdle. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given. And the lovely paintings gave their light and energy right back to us. Thank you Keith for sharing your inspiration and your talent with St Ives and the world!

The Star Goddess Capella

The Star Goddess Capella will not be on display again unless by permission of her new owners. She was one of four of Keith's latest paintings, finished in the summer of 2016. Capella is a star that is especially dear to Keith and me. It shone brightly through our bedroom window in our first rented flat. It appears as a single bright star but actually consists of two sets of binary stars. For Keith she was a "Twin Flame" star and represented a celestial guardian of twin souls.

The Awakening of Spring

The Awakening of Spring is dear to me. Two of our  daughters posed as lovely maidens, gently awakening Spring to the new season. (It is a family joke that when I asked him who the lovely Spring Goddess was he said, "I promise you I made her up!"  :) so no, it wasn't me! )

Doorway to Persopolis

After clearing the studio when Keith passed I found this framed and signed limited edition canvas print, Doorway to Persopolis - number 4 of only 100. It is larger than I will currently be printing canvas prints in the future, so a real find. Persopolis is mentioned in some ancient Greek and Hebrew texts and in a song Jon Anderson sings but no one knows just where it was located. Keith made it into a nebula in the firmament, a place to dream to.

Holy Spirit

This sweet painting deserves an explanation without which some might think Keith was being irreverent. Keith titled it Holy Spirit, and no, it is not about a tipple of alcoholic booze!  In fact Keith had a firm relationship with the Holy Spirit in his personal life, and as those who knew him know, he also had a quirky sense of humour. I asked him. (?) He said, " When you become friends with the Holy Spirit you are infused with love. You see life in a newborn way. And it can become addictive to have this assistance in your life!"

Soul Sisters

Dawn received this limited edition canvas print of Soul Sisters as a birthday gift from her family. It had just been framed when she happened into the exhibition. (No she didn't see the Facebook advert so just wandered in by one AMAZING coincidence! Tee shirt slogan - there ARE NO coincidences!) She loaned me her lovely framed print to display! What a lovely driftwood frame! Perfect!

And finally the Memory Book and Keith's Art Cards and paintbrushes! Some of you might want to send an entry for the book of your treasured memory of Keith. Just email or message it to me and I will print it off and add it in. Between the exhibition in June and this one, Keith's cards and brushes have raised close to £120 for Macmillan! Well done to all of you who so generously donated! I will be posting a cheque to them in the next few days!

Now that I am initiated after these small exhibitions, I am planning a large exhibition of Keith's works in the Spring around Easter time. Watch this space for details. I hope that many of you can come and join me.



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