The Importance of Music

Earth Song

Keith always painted to music. In the early days when he had just a small studio upstairs in Lanhams Building he liked to listen to anything that Jon Anderson released, as well as Jon and Vangelis. He felt that Jon's words were so spiritual and matched his way of thinking. After we opened the gallery in 1990 we played ambient music to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Many of the musicians we featured were local to Cornwall and the UK such as Medwyn Goodall and Nigel Shaw. They were young, had a purpose with a message to share and produced cutting edge music for the time. The music that we surrounded ourselves with enhanced and complimented the paintings that Keith was producing.

Keith is on the far right playing the harmonica in The Cavern

Keith was a natural musician. He had played in a band from 1958 through the 1960's, often opening at The Cavern for the 1960's bands that we all now remember and love. His band was called The Strolling Bones and was offered the chance to go on tour but Keith made a life decision to concentrate on his art instead and so dropped out, moving to Cornwall from Weston Super Mare. He retained his love for music and had a critical and well trained ear. (He is laughing at me with that last sentence. He would say BOTH ears!)

Universal Sound

The painting Universal Sound is a tribute to our gift of music, truly a gift from God to each of us. Music can ease our pain, remind us of happy times or heartache, heal a broken heart, soothe a troubled child...
This was a small painting with a big message.

Music of the Spheres

This Cosmic Code was one of the special crop circles given to Keith by the Archangel Metatron  to paint. It measures 40 inches by 40 inches square and the original is available to view or own but is safely in storage until the time for it to be exhibited. Prints are available also, of course. Just stunning!

Finally, an experience I had this very week, which is significant as I  had written this music-based blog a few weeks in advance:
Those of you who check into Keith's page will have noted that I mention a singer on Keith's newsfeed named Spencer Maybe. His lovely music has had a profound effect on me. I was walking down Fore Street when I first heard him busking and his music immediately brought Keith to mind. We never stop grieving but I have been healing my heart as I learn to complete my earth mission here without him and for that instance Keith was so close to me that I felt he was standing right beside me. I felt tears but they were good, healing tears. I was able to sit on a bench as Spencer sang and the music swept my heart into the next phase of grief and love, providing comfort and hope. Keith would have adored and supported this man's gift as his spirit is as pure as his singing. They have had similar talent paths. Spencer started as an artist and chose music. 30 years earlier Keith started in a band but chose art. Both of these men are/were extremely talented in both of these God-given gifts. If you get a chance to listen to this lovely man's music I highly recommend it from both Keith and myself! (some links on Keith's page) Also he has just written and illustrated an IPad book introducing children to music called The Band of Musicians. It is stunning. You can talk to him about this on FB "Spencer Maybe - Artist and Musician".

All images of paintings on this blog are available as prints at the reduced price of £50 postage paid in the UK until 15 September 2018. Canvas prints are priced according to size. Just ask me! x


  1. Dean and I remember visiting the studio and being mesmerised by Excalibur hanging on the wall, then hearing this wonderful music which you told us was called Excalibur by Medwyn Goodall and had Keith’s painting on the cover, so we bought the cd 💖


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