Swan Song

Swan Song

This blog is dedicated to the passing of a dear friend of ours, Paul Knight. My heart is with his wife Annette and his family today and in the days to come. While thinking of how I might salute him, I came across this painting where Keith depicted the Valkyrie and the ancient Norns welcoming the heroes home. How surprised was I to see how much it looked like Keith and Paul. Alright, Keith is laughing at me once more! I meant due to the dark-haired bearded dude and the light-haired friend with him. But joking aside, they were dear friends on a joint spiritual path and there is no way that I can imagine that they are not now together. Keith would have been honoured to meet Paul and they would be having the best of times while he is showing him all about the new tasks ahead!

THe First Wave

So what is Ascension? Why did Keith paint about it? What does it mean to each of us? These blogs are "The Gospel According To Keith", as you know, so I can tell you what Ascension meant to him. Keith believed that we experience many lifetimes in the course of our soul journey and some of us will want to experience a few more before we go back to God, whatever that entails. But some of us older souls will be living here on beautiful Earth and have fulfilled our mission here. Ascension is a soul choice to get off the wheels of karma and begin our heavenly journey. The Master Teachers are made up of souls who did just that; lived an earthly life and through grace, completed their mission here. Now they lovingly help those of us here who wish to advance, evolve and be the best that we can be in this lifetime. In this painting the Archangel Michael is leading the first Wave of Ascension, those who chose that special time in our planet's evolution to ascend. Keith believed that there are at least four waves of ascension, hence that amazing painting of hope, "Four Horsemen, The Waves of Ascension"...

Four Horsemen

Finally in tribute to a great man and soul family member I post the painting that I feel Keith would have chosen for this occasion, "Behold, My Brother".  Paul Knight, may your journey be filled with light, love and the power of God. We love you.

Behold, My Brother


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