For the love of our beautiful planet...

Unrequited Love

Keith loved our planet with all of his being. He saw and appreciated her beauty every single day. This painting was first titled "Lost Will" but as so often happened when paintings were around long enough, Keith felt her meaning had changed and he re-titled her "Unrequited Love". He longed for all of us to hear a wake up call and start to protect our amazing planet Earth. Here we see Earth as a beautiful woman rising through the maelstrom beneath her.


In this depiction of Earth she is seen as an ancient woman being overseen and protected by a beautiful goddess in the heavens. Keith titled this painting "Mother". I once saw two women viewing her and they said to each other, " My mother was never a dolly-bird like that!" missing the message altogether! But we are all entitled to our opinions and it did make us smile! I wrote the following poem for this:
With unconditional love she nurtures us
Forgiving us as we carelessly continue our play.
We are her children
And some of us are noticing...
Some of us are changing our indifferent ways.
Wake up! Wake up!
To Mother love...            

The Element of Earth

In this painting, "The Element of Earth",  she is seen as abundant and gentle, in her prime and very much in touch with her power of growth and creation. This was one of a set of four paintings, the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 

Gaia Ascending

And finally we see Earth as Gaia, ascending from her three dimensional body and coming into her fullness of light and life. The original of this painting holds a secret that may become apparent in the far future if she ever gets x-rayed. Underneath the flowing dress is a perfect full frontal nude. In case she reads this, yes, the lovely young woman who posed for this was wearing a bathing suit in the photo reference that Keith used. He completed the painting his way, then much later added the dress as he wanted the effect to be of movement.  Although I thought the first rendition beautiful, he was right - as always!

Prints of the above paintings are available at the reduced price of £50 postage paid to the UK until November 1st 2018.


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