...and Other Mythical Beasts (Dragons) - part lll


Dragons are an established theme throughout our mythology. Chinese mythology sees dragons as benevolent and they are an important part of their New Year celebrations.  Both Celtic and Chinese traditions say that during an eclipse the dragon swallows the sun. 'The Eclipse' was painted in honour of the total eclipse in August 1999 that was going to be visible in Cornwall. We planned to be on the Lizard for this auspicious event. Rain was forecast and the BBC thought Falmouth would be a better option so all events at the Lizard were cancelled and the scientists and cameras scuttled over there. We went with our teenagers to the house of a dear friend who lives in Angarrack by Hayle. Although the weather wasn't clear,  the drizzle didn't keep us from the barbecue! (As Keith would say, "We're British, dammit!") The moment of the eclipse arrived and the day dimmed. Birds were silent. Time stopped. I remember my independent teenagers drawing close to us and we huddled together as a family until the light returned. Mythology often recorded eclipses as a portent of hard times to come but we chose to see it as a lucky day for our family. And so it proved, as our family grew in love and strength. 
Incidentally, the Lizard turned out to be the only place in Cornwall where the sky cleared somewhat and the eclipse could be seen. Ho hum...

Dragon Master

Keith felt that the dragon symbolised man's ego; an element of us that we needn't slay but must learn to rule over. This painting tells us we all should strive to be a Dragon Master.
Uriel, The Fire of God
The Archangel Uriel is known in ancient texts as The Fire Of God. Who better to defeat the fiery dragon and rescue the vulnerable and enslaved? This was a large painting which could seem quite scary but this stunning depiction of Uriel is it's great message of hope! Keith saw that the war between man and the taming of his ego did not have to be fought alone. Higher realms always provides assistance if we are striving to evolve. 

The Return of Celtia

In this painting the dragon mast head carved into the bow is a protector and guide.

The Legend Of St Michaels Mount

Most stories tell of dragons that are fierce and powerful, often terrible in their vengeance and destruction. Here the Archangel Michael is shown victorious over Cornwall's own St Michaels Mount. Keith painted him as a strong figure in the sky, neither male or female as St Michaels Mount is where the Michael/Mary lay lines meet. The dragon? Only a transparent memory in the clouds.

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