Unicorns, Pegasus and other mythical beasts - part 1

The Virgin and the Unicorn

Keith had a fascination with the myths and legends of our planet Earth. He felt like these marvelous beings were in our consciousness for a reason. Why are unicorns much loved by our children? Why have they fascinated artists and story tellers throughout the ages? What is the symbology behind them?
To Keith the unicorn represented purity of thought and action. The legend says that only those pure of heart can touch the unicorn and live.

Love, Innocence, Purity and Power

In this painting Keith represented these four qualities: love (the wise matriarch), innocence (the young woman), purity (the unicorn) and power (the lion). In Keith's paintings nudity is representative of complete trust and simple innocence. This painting has a gentle energy, even in the face of the powerful lion who rests quietly with inner mastery.

A Touch of Innocence and A Secret Shared

These are the two most purchased prints by children through all the years of our gallery. Could it be that these precious little ones know more than we realise? In 'A Touch of Innocence' the little fairy represents innocence touching the purity of the unicorn. In 'A Secret Shared' our sea mammal friend the dolphin is also privy to the unicorn's nobility of spirit. In these paintings Keith touches our own hearts and awakens our inner child if we allow it.  We can take these qualities with us from that point on. It is a gift.

All the paintings shown in this blog "Unicorns, Pegasus and other mythical beasts - part one" are on offer as prints for the reduced price of £50 until June 30th 2018. Keep checking in for remaining parts to this blog... I will be scattering it in between the others. There is so much more to tell you!
                                                                                                                 Much love, Jodieanne


  1. 'Symbology' make the World much more fascinating.

    1. Once you crack the code all the mysteries are revealed! Xx

  2. hi i bought the power innocence purity and love painting in spain last year in an antique shop as gift for my soon to be husband with keith english signature and handwritten title and numbered 22 ,we looked up your story and was sad to find the passing of keith as it was our plan to come and visit in cornwall oneday as the story how i found the painting and its importance to us including the name of your studios and keiths subjects really is somthing to be seen to be belived but let me just say it is very special to us and they say there are no such things as coincidences


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