Keith - Some Life and Times

Hauling in the Nets at Sunrise
The hardworking fisherman was admired by Keith and often was the subject of his early paintings. He came from a working class family. His father was a painter but not of pictures. He worked for a firm that painted practical things. Keith was born in Ashton-Under-Lyne and was raised in Cheadle Hulme along with his older sister Joyce. (His niece Megan and her family live in and around neighbouring Stockport to this day.) When his Headmaster tried to convince his father to allow Keith to go to Art College, much to Keith's dismay the request was refused. "Get a trade, lad. It will never let you down." Keith was an avid footballer and played in goal. (He played football until his late 40's, after which he helped teach American youngsters soccer while living the winters in Florida. But I get ahead of myself!)

Keith is the 4th one from the left, top row
His father found him an apprenticeship with an electrical firm and Keith applied himself and learned the basics but was never very happy there. He made good friends, among them two older gentlemen who had been in the first world war. When a young man, his father had been a mule skinner in that same war, so Keith was especially interested in the stories of their many exploits. They made a marked impression on the young Keith and he joined the RAF as a way to move forward. He married his first love and they soon had a daughter, Dawn. His talents were recognised and he was misemployed into Exhibition, Design and Display where he worked with art graduates and learned many tools of the trade such as draughtsmanship. He gained in confidence as he realised he was every bit as good an artist as they were. When it was time to re-enlist after ten years service, he chose to begin his life as an artist. He also joined a rock band. His rock band opened many now-famous bands of the late 1950's - early1960's in The Cavern. Infamously they were called The Strolling Bones! His second daughter Alison was born. Those years were a struggle as he tried to support a family and follow his dreams.

Playing in The Cavern. Keith is at the far right on harmonica.

A publicity photo for The Strolling Bones. Keith is 3rd in from the left.

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