Vision Trail
 As I have mentioned to you before, Keith often had visions during his dreams and meditations. He had one waking vision while visiting the desert in Sedona, Arizona, USA. As he walked through the desert of red clay he stooped to pick up a stone, thinking to take home a souvenir of his time there. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash and in astonishment he stood up. In front of him stood a Native American Indian high upon a horse. The man and horse were transparent and completely bathed in the colour red. Keith blinked but the vision did not go away. He backed away from the vision, leaving the stone, now forgotten, on the ground and the man and horse before him faded away. He had a friend with him who was walking several paces behind when this occurred. As they met up he explained what happened and they took a photo of this spot. Years later in the late 1990's he was in between paintings and asked me if I had any ideas for the next one. I reminded him of this remarkable occurrence. We dug out the old photo and he used it to accurately paint the surroundings of Vision Trail. He replicated the vision to the exact spot where he had seen it. He added the star system Pleiades into the twilit sky.

"Vision Trail"
My people guard the sacred ground
That you now wish to walk upon.
I warn you that the path is steep;
the desert, hot;
the vision deep.
Yet those who seek Great Spirit's Way
will find their guide and not be swayed.
So pass, my friend, and learn to see
beyond this earthly veil.
You are my brother, you who seek
to walk this Vision Trail.
                                                 Poem by Jodieanne

Visions were gifted to Keith without the use of chemical or drug aids, no, not even more natural substances such as peyote. It was his view that, although many claim enhancement of their spiritual vision while using these various substances, this is entirely unnecessary to a true seeker of the light. At one stage we had a spiritual teacher who appeared in meditation who told us that he had no name. He simply called himself the 'Chinaman'. He was a spry little man with a long Fu Manchu mustache and a braided ponytail that trailed behind his back. He often bounced around while speaking, jumping from place to place. I had trouble staying in meditations that he appeared in as sometimes he would leap to illustrate a point and I would feel it as a jolt and then be wide awake, my meditation over! Keith asked him why humans so often felt that they had to use substances to awaken. Our teacher said,"Enlightenment is NOT an altered state. Enlightenment is an ORDERED state." You must decide for yourself what this might mean as the instruction went no further on this subject. 

                                                                                                            xxx   In peace....Jodieanne

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  1. What a beautiful vision! Makes me miss the desert!

    1. Keith loved the Sedona desert in Arizona. He also visited New Mexico which is “high desert”; 10,000 feet high BEFORE the mountains! He was often frustrated as he said he could not get a good cup of tea. The problem is that water would not boil hot enough at those altitudes. He would hold the kettle in ‘boil mode’ for several minutes longer to remedy this! Xx


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