Revealed: The Cosmic Codes and why Keith painted them

'Metatron'  - a representation of an actual crop circle

'The Golden Section'
Keith was always intrigued with how the beauty of mathematics related to the Universal Language of how things work in our third dimensional reality. This painting, 'The Golden Section', is his depiction of an actual mathematical symbol and one of those mysteries he sought to explore. Although not a mathematician in any way, he first discovered that there was something to this while meditating in the late 1990's. Keith intuited through dreams and meditations which many times led him to the sources of his paintings.

Keith often had visions during meditation. On this occasion he was met by an old man who told him that his name was Enoch. (Interestingly, Enoch was a prophet of the Old Testament in the Bible. According to biblical scripture Enoch and the City of Enoch had reached such a point of purity that they totally disappeared from the Earth. Keith would have called this event Ascension.)

The Old man then turned into a great white light and within the light a voice said, "My Earthly form was Enoch. I am the Archangel Metatron." The voice proceeded to instruct Keith to paint a particular series of known crop circles that Metatron called 'Cosmic Codes'. These crop circles were actually very precise as they were all mathematical fractals. At first Keith was unable to think how these symbols might be painted. Then he picked up a brush... and one after the other the Cosmic Codes came into being as form, colour, oil paint and in Keith's own unique way, light.

Although Keith's painting of Enoch (see above) has been sold,  the original oil painting of 'The Golden Section' will be on display on June 1st 2018 at the Borlase Room in the Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, Cornwall. I hope to see you there!

A very spiritual young woman saw and loved the painting that was eventually re-named 'Metatron'. Keith had first called it 'Binary' and renamed it at her request when she purchased it. It was she who looked at the paintings in our home and pointed out something quite interesting... it was one of those things that once you saw it, it was always present afterwards. We had four original paintings hanging in our home, all Cosmic Codes.

The first of these that I will show you was called 'The Juliette Circle' by those who discovered it as a crop circle.  Keith named his painting 'Pirouette'. Our friend who had purchased 'Metatron' pointed out that the three spirals might represent the Holy Trinity, as is known in Christianity. Hmmm.

"Okay", Keith said. "I'll run with that for a moment. What about the others that we have chosen for our home?" Well, why don't you decide?

'Duality' - Could this be Yin and Yang, one of the symbols from the spiritual teachings of the Orient?

'Serenity' - Could this be a symbol of the Buddha meditating?

'Infinity' - Could this crop circle be a depiction of the Crescent Moon of Islam?

Had we, in fact, unwittingly surrounded ourselves with these symbols of Earthly religions? I find this an interesting thought as Keith always wanted to show where we, as humans, meet in our quest to find truth. He tried to depict beauty and truth in all his paintings. 

In this blog I would like to take you through some of the stories behind his beautiful works. Together we will discover what led up to special pieces. You may own the original of a painting that we cover; most certainly many of you will have the art cards or the prints. I hope these stories make each piece we cover feel even more exceptional than before! 

xx Jodieanne


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